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Nick Meek - Opel 7


Photography and CGI combined in a fresh and unusual way in a campaign for Opel cars.

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Nick Meek - Reyes Point 3

Reyes Point

Strong structures and subtle colours in the bare desert mountains around Joshua Tree.

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Nick Meek for Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo Yoga

Sometimes an art director will see something in your style that works for their idea, and ask you to do something very different.

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HSBC for Grey - Cafe

HSBC for Grey

The lovely folks over at Grey UK asked us to fly to New York City again, to shoot this brilliant poster campaign.

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Line of Contrast

Line of Contrast is a new series of works that explore both outward and inward looking themes.

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Hinku 4

In the Hinku valley

Feeling a little restless at the moment. Wanting to push my style in new directions and make a progression…. to learn something new….

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Robinsons for Bartle Bogle Hegarty

What a lazy blogger ! Last summer we were commissioned by BBH to shoot this lovely ad for Robinson’s. As long as I can remember Robinson’s has been synonymous¬†with the British

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Sottish ref

Scottish Referendum

We headed off to Loch Chon in Scotland with a wonderful neon sign and a generator in the hope we would find that magic Scottish light.

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Electric storm

Between strikes

A couple of days ago I took a vertical mile hike up to La Jonction, a huge granite ridge that leads to an area where two of Mont Blanc’s glaciers divide.

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Nissan park assist

Nissan X Trail

It was great to be called on by the folks over at G1 Paris to shoot these new ads for the Nissan X-Trail.

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Los Angeles

There is something about Los Angeles in the summertime….. The heat and the haze does amazing things to the lens.

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Monte Bianco

Monte Bianco

There’s something of a cultural shock when one passes through the tunnel that links France and Italy.

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The new iBeetle

In this new campaign for VW we had to work with a car that wasn’t available. Each vehicle was meticulously rendered in CGI by the lovely folks over at Recom Farmhouse.

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Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia has been a bench mark in quality advertising for years now and I’m very happy to have been chosen by McCanns Worldwide to shoot this campaign for them.

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