Nissan X Trail

It was great to be called on by the folks over at G1 Paris to shoot these new ads for the Nissan X-Trail.

We shot the car with a mixture of flash and daylight on the roof of a beautiful new studio in Paris. We then took the car out to the French Alps to shoot it by a mountain lake. It required a little mathematics to figure the correct angle of reflection and some pretty ingenious location finding to match up the angle of the sun…. it was a really fun project…

Nissan go anywhere 587x385 Nissan X Trail

Nissan park assist 587x385 Nissan X Trail

August 15th, 2014 by

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Sitting on the banks of Lake Como Italy…….

Tremezzo 11 587x390 The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Tremezzo 3 587x391 The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

August 14th, 2014 by

Los Angeles

blinded by the light 587x391 Los Angeles

Heat wip2 587x391 Los Angeles

L.A 587x391 Los Angeles


There is something about Los Angeles in the summertime….. The heat and the haze does amazing things to the lens.

May 20th, 2014 by

Monte Bianco

Monte Bianco WIP 587x391 Monte Bianco


There’s something of a cultural shock when one passes through the tunnel that links France and Italy.

In days gone by you would have to travel 100′s of kilometres to negotiate this mountain in order to experience the differences of these two mountain villages.

Chamonix France and Courmayeur Italy lie on oposite slopes of this great mountain and have wonderfully different personalities.

May 14th, 2014 by

The new iBeetle

Ibeetle1 587x451 The new iBeetle

ibeetle2 587x451 The new iBeetle

ibeetle3 587x451 The new iBeetle


In this new campaign for VW we had to work with a car that wasn’t available. Each vehicle was meticulously rendered in CGI by the lovely folks over at Recom Farmhouse. We then positioned the cars within backgrounds that I had already shot in the U.S and China and graded them as if they were my usual photographs. We’re very happy with the result and Bravo to DDB Berlin for creating such elegant looking ads.

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Springtime 587x391 Springtime


A beautiful magnolia tree in downtown Geneva

April 1st, 2014 by


68 2014 3 21 cover 587x782 NEWSWEEK


Excited to have the cover of Newsweek !

March 26th, 2014 by

Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia Street1 587x399 Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia Volcano1 587x399 Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia Skater1 587x399 Sony Bravia


Sony Bravia River1 587x399 Sony Bravia


Sony Bravia has been a bench mark in quality advertising for years now and I’m very happy to have been chosen by McCanns Worldwide to shoot this campaign for them.

We flew to a volcano in Costa Rica where It took the inhabitants of an entire village a full week to pluck  all the flower petals…. enough to fill two huge lorries !

With the help of a special effects team the petals were blown and exploded through our landscapes creating hugely detailed vista which echoes the extreme detail of Sony’s new 4k tv.






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Whilst shooting a new campaign in Barcelona for Wieden+ Kennedy Nick shot this timelapse entitled ‘ Super8 ‘
The grade was realised by Steve @ Layer1 Music composed by Joe Burns



March 19th, 2014 by

Sexy Winners

sexy winners 1 587x391 Sexy Winners

sexy winners 2 587x391 Sexy Winners

sexy winners 3 587x391 Sexy Winners

sexy winners 4 587x391 Sexy Winners


The ‘Combats de Reine’ is a mountain sport where farmers from around the Alps bring out their prized cows for a spot of gentle fighting.  The winner is crowned La Reine des Reins – The Queen of Queens and sure is a sexy winner !

March 11th, 2014 by