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Earth into Aether

Earth into Aether

Such a pleasure to be asked to collaborate with Arnold Hattingh of Talk Show and Cal Al-Jorani of Wieden and Kennedy on this project....

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Nick Meek - Infiniti 5

Infiniti QX60

We photographed the Infiniti QX60 in Californian locations from the streets of LA to Big Bear Mountain....

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Nick Meek - Reyes Point 3

Reyes Point

Strong structures and subtle colours in the bare desert mountains around Joshua Tree....

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607906_6004995_48 Sheet Poster 304.8x609.6mm V3.indd

HSBC for Grey

The lovely folks over at Grey UK asked us to fly to New York City again, to shoot this brilliant poster campaign....

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Line of Contrast

Line of Contrast is a new series of works that explore both outward and inward looking themes....

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Los Angeles

There is something about Los Angeles in the summertime….. The heat and the haze does amazing things to the lens....

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The new iBeetle

In this new campaign for VW we had to work with a car that wasn’t available. Each vehicle was meticulously rendered in CGI by the lovely folks over at Recom Farmhouse....

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In the Nevada desert. A lone fighter plane stands monument to those lost….....

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We’re extremely happy to have been asked to shoot Zurich for McCann Worldwide....

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Langer’s Deli

Just round the corner from McArthur park, Lager’s Deli opened it’s doors in 1947…. the worlds best pastrami !!...

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Ford for Team Detroit

Inspired by my images of stuffed animals, Gary Wise, creative director at Team Detroit asked me to shoot this new series....

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Beetle Cabriolet

We had an amazing month in L.A last October shooting this campaign for the global launch of the new Beetle cabriolet....

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Yellowstone River

When Charles W. Cook discovered this place in 1869: “I was riding ahead, the two pack animals following…...

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