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Nick Meek - Infiniti 5

Infiniti QX60

We photographed the Infiniti QX60 in Californian locations from the streets of LA to Big Bear Mountain....

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Nick Meek - Opel 7


Photography and CGI combined in a fresh and unusual way in a campaign for Opel cars....

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Nissan park assist

Nissan X Trail

It was great to be called on by the folks over at G1 Paris to shoot these new ads for the Nissan X-Trail....

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The new iBeetle

In this new campaign for VW we had to work with a car that wasn’t available. Each vehicle was meticulously rendered in CGI by the lovely folks over at Recom Farmhouse....

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We’re extremely happy to have been asked to shoot Zurich for McCann Worldwide....

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Ford for Team Detroit

Inspired by my images of stuffed animals, Gary Wise, creative director at Team Detroit asked me to shoot this new series....

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21st Century Beetle

Last August we shot the the largest ever print campaign in the history of DDB for the global launch of the 21st Century Beetle....

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Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger

Now some people are born with style…. and whoever owns this ranger is certainly no exception. If you live in a wooden house and have a wood veneer pickup you’d just have to show them off t...

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Downtown L.A

Jesus Saves

In between sessions shooting the new Beetle campaign I had chance to wander round downtown L.A with my friend and bodyguard Mike Pedersen....

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New VW Touareg campaign for DDB Sydney

It was a great compliment to be asked to pop down under to shoot the new Touareg campaign for DDB Sydney. Art direction by Steve Wakelam and Nick Pringle. Produced by

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