Beetles honoured at the Creative Review awards


Last week saw the awards party for the launch of the Creative Review Photography Annual 2012. We’re super happy to be selected in their advertising section !

This image was part of a massive 21 image campaign we shot to launch the new VW Beetle for DDB UK.

To get this unusual angle we employed the use of a remote control helicopter. Together, the pilot and I flew the machine into position high above our multi-storey car park in downtown L.A.

To make life interesting we only had 4 cars available to us so it was all hands on deck. We got the chopper in position, fired off a few frames….. then the crew ran into the cars and performed an incredibly swift and well rehearsed manoeuvre.

Being careful to keep the chopper in exactly the same position we then shot a few more frames…. it made for a very simple retouch.

I really want to work more with that toy !


Art Direction by Grant Parker

ECD Jeremy Craigen

Production by Produceit L.A

Retouching Steve Layer1retouching