The Brain

Thinking of ways to start the new book it seemed appropriate to use a brain…. a big plastic one !


  1. Tofurky says:

    I had one of these once….not so big though.

  2. Tofurky says:

    I’m in two minds about making another comment…..

  3. Julian says:

    I know how nice it is to get comments. So here I am, commenting! See, you can count on me.

  4. Tofurky says:

    what kinda blog is this?

  5. Hi mate, love the brain.

    Had a mild obsession with them at Art College, check the picture out on my FaceBook Photies ‘Mild Brain Obsession’

    Like the blog, i’m just starting one. Will fire it across when it’s ready.

    Cheers, Jonny