Call of the Yeti – Dent du Geant

Call of the Yeti - Dent du Geant

The Mer de Glace glacier under Mont Blanc is full of crevasses. We had to ‘rope up’ the yeti to be sure it didn’t disappear through a weak snow bridge. What you can’t see here is the rope leading to a very sturdy mountain guide with his ice axe buried deep enough to arrest a fall. The Mer de Glace area its self isn’t that remote, it’s serviced by Europe’s highest cable car Call of the Yeti – Plan de l’Aiguille which transports tourists to the top of the Aiguille di Midi and the mountaineers who come to explore the Mont Blanc Massif . On our journey back to the cable car we passed a few groups of alpinists. We were all roped up so as not to fall off anything. Martha chose to leave the yeti costume on for warmth…… it looked like the mythical yeti had finally been caught !


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