Nissan Juke on location in Spain

The Feria Valencia is a spectacular location but to shoot a car inside presents a particular issue – the reflections of the structure in the glass and metal of the car. So for this shoot, we had to take two cars, shooting one inside and one outside at the same time of day, and blend the two together for the perfect result.

The two cars arrive on set:

Positioning the outdoor car:

Tripod points are marked precisely to ensure absolute accuracy when returning to a spot.

The Alpa in position for the indoor shot

Making sure that every detail is perfect before shooting the indoor car.

Shooting details for the post-production

Initial retouching on set

After days of glorious sunshine, the weather took a sharp turn for the worse…nothing stops the show however. As you can see from the final shots, even in these conditions, we made it happen!

With the storm passed, we line up the next shot.

Shooting the city’s skyline for the background on a speedboat:

No Spanish shoot is complete without an outstanding seafood wrap dinner!

The finished images:


Client: Nissan Europe

Agency: TBWA/Paris
Art Directors: Elisabeth Ribeiro, Maude Muller
Post Production: Recom Farmhouse

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