One day in Tokyo



Bus Station

Cab driver without gloves

Chopped Monkey Bike

Curtain cafe

Early Blossom layers1


Meguro Taxi

Omotesando Umbrellas

Picket Fence

Rebal Tokyo layers


I’m flying back to London, working on this series and thinking about William Eggleston’s ‘Democratic Forest’
I guess Eggleston in that book was trying to be free from the constraints of working to a particular self imposed brief.. and instead just allowed himself to take pictures.
I think I was unintentionally doing the same thing yesterday when I shot these. I just wanted to spend a day taking pictures of things that I was attracted to and work with the colour of each individual image as opposed to trying to explore a theme.
So Mr Eggleston… Thankyou for continuing to inspire me to explore and learn.