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Jack Johnson with Steven Wilson

Jack Johnson

As London basks in Caribbean temperatures, it’s a good time to post another great music poster collaboration via Levine/Levitt....

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Line of Contrast

Line of Contrast is a new series of works that explore both outward and inward looking themes....

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Ford for Team Detroit

Inspired by my images of stuffed animals, Gary Wise, creative director at Team Detroit asked me to shoot this new series....

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Mambo Italiano

On a recent trip to Sorrento and Capri on the Amalfi cost I had the song Mambo Italiano by Rosemary Clooney stuck in my head. Makes me think of these colours....

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Blue shoes

Reno and San Francisco

I was in L.A recently, having a show at  Chiat Day / TBWA These were shot during a little road trip through Nevada and Northern C.A at the end of my stay....

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Q; Why is it so common to find people of all nationalities being photographed doing the victory V ? Answers welcome...

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Thinking of ways to start the new book it seemed appropriate to use a brain…. a big plastic one !...

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Call of the Yeti – Orthaz Rock

The morning light was just breaking over the mountain tops. The Yeti was poised. I was just about to shoot when a friend cycled past, it was Trey coming home from a party to celebrate his return from ...

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Kenroku-en 1

Stalking people is hard. I sometimes shoot with a strange looking camera called an Alpa which makes images of an amazing quality. It’s a slow camera to work with which is great as it...

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