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Tokyo Garage with Maserati

Tokyo Maserati

Exploring Tokyo by night, I passed this garage doorway that had an interesting atmosphere – it made me wonder what car would be behind that door....

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Revisiting Honshu

The jet lag is only just wearing off from last weeks flight back from Tokyo and I’m already wanting to return....

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One day in Tokyo

I’m flying back to London, working on this series and thinking about William Eggleston’s ‘Democratic Forest’...

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Q; Why is it so common to find people of all nationalities being photographed doing the victory V ? Answers welcome...

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Kenroku-en 1

Stalking people is hard. I sometimes shoot with a strange looking camera called an Alpa which makes images of an amazing quality. It’s a slow camera to work with which is great as it...

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Kyoto Cabs

Waiting for a train in Kyoto I found this amazing scene. It reminded me of Jacques Tati’s ‘PlayTime’ (

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