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Los Angeles

There is something about Los Angeles in the summertime….. The heat and the haze does amazing things to the lens....

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Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia has been a bench mark in quality advertising for years now and I’m very happy to have been chosen by McCanns Worldwide to shoot this campaign for them....

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Barwa Bank

We flew out to Qatar last month to shoot this beautiful campaign for Barwa Bank through Agency 222 in Doha. The brief consisted of just a few words which left me free to make my own visual interpretat...

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Wintertime in Monument Valley….It’s an amazing place to be. Very few people visit at this time of year and capturing the solitude of this wonderful place was such a pleasure. With this ser...

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Floating monk

Hare Krishna

Our studio was made extra serene last week when a monk came to join us for the day. The smell of  jasmine filled the air and sounds of Buddhist chanting made for a very relaxing shoot. Here we see our...

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